költ brings together two beer worlds: Düsseldorf’s Alt and Cologne’s Kölsch. Far away from local patriotism, költ crosses the borders and builds a link between both cities. This thought is represented typographically by a distinctive ligature, which was developed by költ itself. nice to type came into place, setting the letter forms and balance of the logo right, as well as doing the final vector work.


költ provided the first three steps, whereof the curly ‘k’ was chosen to work best with the distinctive ‘öl’ ligature. After setting the x-height and weight right, final touches were made on the curves. A dynamic shadowed version was drawn afterwards.


Shadowed Version

The shadow line isn’t just a linear stroke. It was carefully designed to fit the extravagant character of the logo. To provide the best printing quality, various versions of the stroke thickness were drawn.


Logo költ
Designed by Hans Berlin and Matthias Ross from költ and Gabriel Richter
Published in 2017
Pictures by költ

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